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Why is the navel centre important in yoga practices?

Updated: Jan 26

The strongest healing force in the body resides in the navel centre. Forces of healing known as prana, are everywhere in our energetic body, but this pranic force is most concentrated in the heart and navel centres.

An awakened navel centre becomes ‘mani-pura’ which means full (pura) of wish-fulfilling gems (mani). So we nurture prana or life-force here at the navel centre, which is the centre of the greatest healing force in the body and our creativity naturally blossoms if properly nourished with our yoga practices. This centre is the home of our courage, enthusiasm and indomitable will. Our power to be and become anything we wish resides here at the navel centre. 

There are many excellent yoga practices for awakening the abdominal core. One of the most revered is the practice of Agni Sara (fire essence) that is done here to awaken the dormant forces in us. Once awakened, these forces help us to improve our vitality and our inner vibrancy so we have the ability and capacity to heal, to grow and to blossom.

The goal of tantra practice is to awaken the shakti (force) that exists at the navel centre. This shakti manifests in us in

the form of power of will, determination, knowledge and action. Once this power is awakened, what we do with it is up to us.

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