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Balancing Rocks

Hatha Yoga

60 minutes

Authentic and powerful classical asanas include sun salutation, triangle, pigeon pose, seated forward bend, seated twist, abdominal strengthening, boat pose and more.  Practice concludes with guided relaxation and brief 2-5 minute seated meditation.


Yoga For Meditation

60 minutes

Breath-connected asana as a powerful tool for building strength in the body while calming the nervous system.  Restores balance in the mind, body and breath. Practice focused on healthy breathing and systematically learning how to prepare the mind for meditation.


Vishoka Meditation Course - Level One

12 sessions, each session approx. 75 minutes

The role of Vishoka Meditation is to reveal an inner experience of joy, which  is our innate state of being.  The essential practice is to unite the mind and breath to direct the mind’s flow inward.  The goal of the course is to progressively build on each session to prepare you to have a solid foundation for a personal meditation practice at home.  Each session is a combination of lecture, Q&A, and guided practice. 

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