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What are the 3 basic principles of life?

Inner awareness, cheerfulness and selfless service are the three basic principles of life.  Remembering that you are a human first, above all other identities. Regardless of our outward differences we are all human beings. Nothing has the power the divide us from that. 

Do your best to remain cheerful regardless of the circumstances in your life. Even if life seems to be getting you down and your circumstances seem unfair try your best to look for something good. Find some aspect of yourself that is wonderful and bright.

'Every event, regardless of how bitter and unpleasant it may seem, is a direct expression of Divine Will and contains the seeds of higher good' PRT.

Try to do that which you are supposed to do and if others don’t do what they are supposed to do, that is normal. Drop your habit of blaming and complaining. Learn to do your duties without being attached to the outcome of your actions. If it works out the way you expect, this is good. If it does not, this is also good. Learn the art of understanding what is best. That is, what is good for me and good for others.

This is what is best.

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