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How to make your world a paradise while the rest of the world seems to be falling apart

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

As human beings we are blessed with infinite potential to be and become whatever we wish. When we train our minds to see the good in ourselves and the good in others we cannot help but be successful in life. When our focus is on condemning ourselves and condemning others, we will surely see the world inside of ourselves and outside of ourselves as a source of misery and pain. But when we turn our attention and awareness on improving ourselves in a way that is good for us and good for others, we begin to walk on the path of freedom and fulfillment. We see ourselves as instrumental in overcoming obstacles and challenges that have kept us from being whatever we wish to be. We not only realize that this world provides us with everything we need to fulfill our purpose but also that this world is a place filled with beauty and joy if we look at it with a clear, calm and tranquil mind. It is impossible to see fear, doubt, worry and grief when the space of our mind is filled with clarity and gentleness.

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